Sports Funding

At Alt we provide all of our children with quality and varied physical education lessons with access to excellent sports provision throughout the academic year. We aim to help our children develop a healthy lifestyle and reach their full potential, as well as, improve their attainment and achievement in physical education and specific sports.

Allocation of Funding 2018-19

Funding Allocated to the academy is £18,710

This money has contributed towards:

  • MCFC sports coach to deliver sports and multi skills, working with teachers across EYFS, KS1 and KS2. (£5995)
  • Release time for CPD opportunities for P.E. Co-ordinator to develop knowledge, skills and ensure progression across school. 
  • Training sessions for pupils in Year 5 to become Sports Leaders, TA to take them to training.
  • Transport for pupils to attend sports competitions. (£1500)
  • Sports equipment has been provided for playtimes and lunch times to encourage children to develop skills and play together.
  • Failsworth league subscription to events annual fee (£400)
  • Swimming lessons for all Year 3 children (£4000)
  • Outdoor provision for KS2 playground to be enriched (£6975)


  • The MCFC coach works alongside teachers in order to deliver a curriculum presented with a wide range of physical exercise and games, which in turn allows us to offer our children many opportunities to develop skills and excel in physical exercise. E.g. Dance club, football, dodgeball, basketball, athletics, swimming, football, tag rugby and cricket.
  • Partnership with MCFC has allowed us to promote gifted and talented children into the MCFC academy and provide exciting opportunities such as attending live football matches at MCFC and playing at the Academy against various teams across Manchester. 
  • Teachers feel more confident to deliver P.E sessions as well as assessment of the children's skills.
  • CPD opportunities have allowed the P.E. co-ordinator to work with the whole school staff through model lessons for various parts of the P.E. curriculum, especially gymnastics and dance.
  • Links with other local primary schools and secondary schools are very strong and we are involved in interschool competitions and sporting events throughout the year. The number of competitions we are involved in doubled during the academic year. E.g. football tournaments for both boys and girls, tag rugby, athletics, dance competitions, cricket, volleyball and handball.
  • Our sports provision supports our Harmony Pledge
    • Being Healthy
    • Being a Performer
    • Being an Expert Learner


Area for Development:

  • Develop staff CPD
  •  Enrich the outdoor provision, to provide more structured break and lunchtimes. 
  • Improve whole school assessment of Physical Education.