Middle School Y3/Y4

Look out, the predators are about! Its survival of the fittest this term, with sharp teeth gnashing and razor claws gripping… do you have what it takes to face the best predator of them all? During this term we will find out… Who“s top of the food chain?

We will learn about predators and prey that live all around the World. We will explore the different types of predators that live in different parts of the World and how they have adapted to suit their surroundings. We will write recounts of our fantastic birds of prey show and design leaflets for a new predator park. In art we will recreate the works of Henri Rousseau and sculpt our own imaginary predators. In Science we will discover what animals and plants need to survive successfully and investigate owl pellets. We will read the BUtterfly Lion by MIchael Morpurgo and Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl to inspire us in our own narrative writing. 

We also have whole class shared VIPERS sessions, which unpick the reading process and enable the children to better understand what they are reading, as well as guided reading activities– where our children read as part of a group and weekly 1:1 reading with a teacher. We will continue with our new spelling scheme, where children get the daily opportunity to learn new spelling rules and apply them in their writing. Common exception words will be sent home with homework.

In maths we begin our work on number and place value as well as looking at the four operations. Answering fluency, reasoning and problem solving questions to solve problems and think critically about our number learning. We will also be practising our maths fluency daily; with club 99 and High5, a new approach to teaching the multiplication tables.

At home you can help your child by…

Encouraging them to read every day and talking to them about what they have read; helping them to learn their multiplication tables; making sure they have completed their homework to a good standard; practising their spellings as well as talking to your children about what they have been learning in school – it’s good to talk! Check out Middle School Newsletter here!