Lower School Y1/Y2

Wow! Where do you live? Investigate and explore the secret history of your area…

Lower schools topic this half term is What is it like living around here ….

The children will work through a flow of—Wonder, Learn, Challenge and Share. During this topic they will learn:

History – Children will be exploring the history of Oldham, looking at old and new things. They will be comparing how things have changed over time.

Geography - children will be looking at the map of Oldham and identifying key features of a map.

Art— children will be using a range of drawing techniques to draw Park Bridge.

Music– Children will be learning rhymes, poems and songs about the local area.


In English we will be writing instructions, setting descriptions and journey tales.

Our Literacy writing process is very important. We work on a two week cycle for each writing genre. During these weeks we look at good examples of writing, the structure and language, then the children will write, edit and improve their own text.

Our class novel is Pirates love underpants Pirate cruncher and Pirates next door.


We will be concentrating on place value, addition and subtraction. This will include reading, ordering and comparing numbers up to 20. We will be learning to form number correctly and identify patterns in number.

We will also be learning to count by 2s, 5s, and 10s and be able to write these.

At home you can help your child by…

* Encouraging them to read every day and talking to them about what they have read.

* Making sure they complete their homework to a good standard.

* Practice spellings every night.

* Talk to your children about what they have been learning.