Alt Academy is proud to be part of Greater Manchester Tooth brushing scheme and all children in Nursery and Reception clean their teeth at school after snack time and lunchtime.  This is to help reduce tooth decay in under-fives and to improve oral gum health by using a toothpaste high in fluoride.  We were excited to be part of the video to promote tooth brushing in Oldham schools and here is the link to the video that Oldham Council created using our children and staff.

Autumn 2019


Welcome back to the start of a fabulous year in Early Years.  

In Apple class there is Miss Greenwood and Mrs Brooks.

In Van Gogh class there is Miss Robinson and Mrs Khan.

In Dahl class there is Mrs Branwood and Miss Isherwood.


The children will be settling into school life and they will begin to learn their class routines. They will be learning about each other and will be creating special friendships with their peers.  


For the first term Reception's topic is "Houses and Homes" and Nursery's topic is "All about me".




We will be looking at various houses and homes, and we will go for a walk around our local area. We will look at who lives in our homes and what type of houses they are, where animals live and different houses from around the world.

Within this topic we will be exploring a variety of stories and fact books which include:

  • The Three Little Pigs
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • Peace at Last
  • Whatever Next!
  • Animal Homes
  • This is the house that Jack built


In maths, this half term, we will be focusing on counting, recognising and ordering numbers from 0-5. To help with this at home you can count objects, actions and sing counting songs and nursery rhymes. Looking for numbers in the environment when you are out and about is a great way to introduce numbers to your children too...

It would be amazing if your child could be extended beyond 5.

Some of the learning we will be doing includes:

  • Oral counting to 5
  • Recognising and ordering numbers 0-5
  • 1:1 counting and matching numbers to quantities
  • Recognising and describing 2D shapes
  • Creating patterns and models with 2D shapes



Every child in Reception needs a PE kit which comprises of a white t shirt, black shorts and black pumps.

PLEASE make sure your child’s name is in ALL items of clothing to save any mixing up of coats, jumpers, shoes and PE kits etc.

Book bags: Book bags are an essential item of school uniform. Please ensure your child brings it to school every day as we try and read daily.




This half term our topic is …

‘All about me’.

We will be looking at who is in our family and drawing them.  We took lots of pictures when we did the home visits, but if you have any pictures you can send in that would be lovely.

Within this topic we will be sharing Nursery rhymes every day.  Here are a few to share at home:

· Twinkle twinkle

· Wind the bobbin up

· Pat a cake

· Hickory dickory dock

· 5 little ducks

· 5 monkeys

· Incy wincey spider


In Maths this half term, we will be focussing on counting to 10.  To help with this at home you can count objects at home and sing nursery rhymes.  Looking for numbers in the environment when you are out and about is a great way to introduce numbers to your children.  Counting when you go up and down steps is another super way.


Please make sure all children have a change of clothes in a bag on their peg and if they have some wellington boots they can bring them in for when we go outside. 


Check out our Early Years newsletter here and please feel free to pop in at any time, to speak to a member of staff.